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HP Repair&Service

Best HP Laptop Repairs and Service Center in Khammam

The company was founded in a one-car garage in Palo Alto by Bill Hewlett and David Packard in July 2, 1939. HP, was an American multinational information technology company headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

Our Expertise in HP Laptops Repairs and Service

Applied Technologies is locally owned and operated service station. We have been repairing HP laptops since we started our operation. We have a dedicated certified technicians to repair your HP laptop.

We service and repair all models and series of HP laptops that include HP Alienware, HP Envy, HP Spctre, HP Pavilion, HP Mini, HP OMEN and HP ProBook. We specialize in same day HP laptop screen and keypad replacement services. Our skilled technicians well get your laptop work well like a new one with their expertise.


How HP Laptops are Different From Other Laptops

HP laptops stand out from the competition with their sleek designs, extensive customization options, and diverse product range. Their laptops offer a balance of style and functionality, appealing to a wide audience.

HP’s customization options allow users to tailor their laptops to suit their specific needs and budget, making them a preferred choice for those seeking personalized devices.

The brand caters to various user segments, from budget-conscious buyers with their Pavilion series to premium seekers with the Spectre and Envy series. Business users can benefit from the security-focused EliteBook series, while gamers can enjoy the performance-driven Omen series.

Innovative features like the HP Sure View privacy screen enhance user privacy, setting them apart in the market.

Overall, HP laptops provide solid customer support and warranty options, contributing to a satisfying ownership experience for their users. However, as the laptop market evolves, it’s essential to keep up-to-date with the latest models and reviews to understand how HP laptops compare to other brands in the current market.

Most Common Repairs In HP Laptops

Laptop Screen is Cracked

If your HP laptop's screen is damaged or not working, we offer fast and efficient screen replacement services.

Laptop Battery Not Charging

If your HP laptop's battery is not holding a charge, we can repair or replace it to restore its battery life.

Laptop Hinges Broken

If your HP laptop's hinges are damaged, we can replace them to restore their stability.

Laptop Keyboard Not Functioning

If your HP laptop's keyboard is not working, we can repair or replace it to restore its functionality.

Laptop Fan Loud or Noisy

If your HP laptop is overheating, we can fix the fan issue and prevent further damage to your device.

Motherboard Failure for HP Laptops

We can repair or replace your HP laptop's motherboard to resolve any hardware or software issues.

Our Featured Repairs

Laptop Batteries

Hard disk

Display broken

Laptop body change

Laptop CPU fan

Keyboard not working

Laptop Memory

Laptop BIOS

Liquid Spill Repair

SSD or Hard disk upgrade

Power On Issue

General Service

Charger or Charging Issues

Hanging or Freezing

Mother Board Related

Hard Disk or SSD failure

Blue screen error

Spekar Repair/Replacement

Hp Company Warranty Information

HP provides standard warranties for its products, typically ranging from one to three years, depending on the product type and model.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects and hardware malfunctions that occur under normal usage conditions. Customers are eligible for free repairs or replacements during the warranty period. However, damages caused by accidents, misuse, or unauthorized modifications are not covered.

Click here to know more about HP company warranty policies