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Microsoft Repair&Service

Best Microsoft Laptop Repairs and Service Center in Khammam

Microsoft, an American tech company, introduced its first laptop, the Surface Laptop, in 2017. It was part of the Surface line-up, focusing on premium hardware and integration with Windows 10. Subsequent generations saw improvements in performance, design, and added features like touchscreens and detachable displays. Microsoft’s laptops have gained recognition for their productivity-focused design and seamless integration with Microsoft’s software ecosystem.

Our Expertise in Microsoft Laptops repairs and Service

Since Microsoft laptops comes with and ecosystem of Microsoft software programs, these laptops perform at exceptional levels, but when something goes wrong with the laptop, that will be hard to figure out and it will have impact on other functionalities as well, hence our technicians are trained and experienced enough to repair such complex issues by finding the root problem.

We are specialized in repairing and servicing different models of Microsoft laptops such as Microsoft Surface Laptop first generation, Microsoft Surface Laptop 2, Microsoft Surface Laptop first generation Go, 3 and 4. We offer free diagnosis for your Microsoft laptop issue and fix it at affordable cost.


How Microsoft Laptops are Different From Other Laptops

Microsoft’s laptops, specifically the Surface line, stand out from other laptops in several ways. Firstly, they offer a seamless integration of hardware and software, ensuring optimized performance and stability. This unique combination of Microsoft’s own Windows OS and dedicated hardware results in a smoother user experience.

Secondly, Surface laptops feature innovative designs and build quality. With sleek, premium materials and attention to detail, they offer a more refined and stylish appearance compared to many other laptops in the market.

Furthermore, Microsoft prioritizes features like pen support and touchscreens, enhancing productivity and creativity. Additionally, their laptops often offer excellent displays and powerful processors, catering to both business and creative professionals.

Overall, Microsoft’s laptops distinguish themselves by combining a well-integrated software and hardware experience, unique design aesthetics, and a focus on productivity, making them stand out in the competitive laptop market.

Most Common Repairs In Microsoft Laptops

Laptop Screen is Cracked

If your Microsoft laptop's screen is damaged or not working, we offer fast and efficient screen replacement services.

Laptop Battery Not Charging

If your Microsoft laptop's battery is not holding a charge, we can repair or replace it to restore its battery life.

Laptop Hinges Broken

If your Microsoft laptop's hinges are damaged, we can replace them to restore their stability.

Laptop Keyboard Not Functioning

If your Microsoft laptop's keyboard is not working, we can repair or replace it to restore its functionality.

Laptop Fan Loud or Noisy

If your Microsoft laptop is overheating, we can fix the fan issue and prevent further damage to your device.

Motherboard Failure for Microsoft Laptops

We can repair or replace your Microsoft laptop's motherboard to resolve any hardware or software issues.

Our Featured Repairs

Laptop Batteries

Hard disk

Display broken

Laptop body change

Laptop CPU fan

Keyboard not working

Laptop Memory

Laptop BIOS

Liquid Spill Repair

SSD or Hard disk upgrade

Power On Issue

General Service

Charger or Charging Issues

Hanging or Freezing

Mother Board Related

Hard Disk or SSD failure

Blue screen error

Spekar Repair/Replacement

Microsoft Company Warranty Information

Microsoft’s warranty policies vary depending on the product and the region, but they generally aim to provide customers with coverage for defects in materials and workmanship. For Microsoft laptops, specifically the Surface line, the warranty typically includes a limited hardware warranty that lasts for a specific period from the date of purchase.

During the warranty period, Microsoft will repair or replace, at its discretion, any defective hardware components. This includes issues arising from manufacturing defects or failures that occur under normal use. However, the warranty does not cover damage caused by accidents, misuse, or unauthorized repairs.

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