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Know More About Applied Technologies

Welcome to Applied Technologies – The Top Laptop Repair and Service Station in Khammam, We are specialized in repairing and servicing laptops of all brands, even the most latest models released from the top laptop brands. Our Applied Technologies is founded by MR ABC who is an Expert and Certified Technician, He has been in the industry Since 1999, And We have dedicated Team of expert Technicians they are holding decades of experience in taking care of laptops.

We are the Top Laptop Technicians because of the below specialties: Quality Repairs and Genuine Spare Parts

Customer satisfaction is the utmost priority to us and a satisfied customer can refer us to some other customers, hence we always tend to provide our customers with ultimate service that we can offer along with genuine spare parts.

Skilled and Certified Technicians

Our technicians are not just technicians they are doctors of laptops, they are certified and well experienced enough take care of your laptops

Timely and Effective Service

We value the time of our customers and hence we always go an extra mile in diagnosing, repairing and delivering the laptop on time.

Warranty on Spare Parts and Service

We offer warranty on every spare part that we sale, and we also offer exceptional support after service.


Our service is accessible to all regions around the Khammam, Transport is available from all corners of the city.

Prolonging Laptop Lifespan

Being the doctors of laptops, we know how to take care of laptops with utmost care. Getting your laptop repaired or serviced by an expert can enhance the lifespan of your laptop. Regular maintenance, timely repairs, and optimized performance contribute to the longevity of your device, ensuring Optical Performance

Preserving Data and Information

Data is the most valuable asset these days, People from all areas of life, be it a student, an IT professional or someone else, everyone will have their essential data stored in their laptops. And when the laptop gets an issue and a customer comes to, we care of that data, we never let go of that data erased from the laptop, we ensure standard practices in preserving the data of customers.

Peace of Mind and On Time Delivery

You can be peaceful, when you know that your laptop is in safe hands and it will get repaired and delivered on time. We have thousand of customers who feel really satisfied with our exceptional customer service.